About us

The project TRAFFNOW was founded in 2017. The main activity of the project is the processing of advertising web-traffic. Specialists of the team TRAFFNOW were the founders and participants of a number of well-known online projects since 2008 in the field of Internet advertising. We decided to leave our workplaces and open our service.
The principle of TRAFFNOW is to buy web-traffic from publishers, filter it, and redirect "cleaned" visitors to advertiser websites. It's just about non-targeted, that is unmotivated web-traffic, when the redirect to the website of the advertiser occurs without an explicit confirmation by the visitor. The advertising formats used are: ClickUnder and AutoForward. If you do not know these names, then this web-traffic is probably not for you. We focus only on professional customers, since unmotivated web-traffic is not suitable for everyone.
One of the main reasons for creating TRAFFNOW, in addition to generating profit, is our desire to restore order in business. Working in different companies, we repeatedly stacked with organizational problems at all stages: from agreements with customers to technical reliability of web-traffic processing systems. Not wishing to support sloppiness in all its forms, we created our own alternative - the TRAFFNOW service.
The project focuses on reliability:
  • Delivering the targeted web-traffic in the required amount occur at the time.
  • If there is traffic - you can buy it, if it is not available - you can not buy it.
  • Instantly moderates advertisers' orders based on their own automated system of checks.
  • Careful testing of traffic sources for adequate ranking.
  • Web-traffic providers receive their payments on time, no matter what.
  • We spent a lot of time to ensure the technical reliability and flexibility of our TDS!
  • The service does not lie "on the shelf", but actively develops in accordance with the wishes of our partners.
If you have any questions or would like to offer cooperation, then you can contact us via the following channels:
Ticket system:  Create a ticket
We wish you every success in your projects! — TRAFFNOW.